After sales Maintenance

Maintenance Service and technical support department:

One of our top priorities is to provide excellent customer service. We keep an expert eye on our customers; its task begins from monitoring customer's site conditions to choose the suitable device, and ends by providing him by excellent continuous periodical protective maintenance. It includes also installation, prompt response to maintenance calls and online support.

 Our customers admit that among the advantages we enjoy over our competitors is the high quality services provided to our customers by Maintenance and Technical Support Departments. Our customers may receive technical training on new products at our Training Center. Training is carried out either by our engineers, as our maintenance engineers provided a specialized training at our suppliers' factories, or manufacturers' technical consultants.

Electronics Card Maintenance

 In-circuit and out-circuit repairs:

As we represent Q-max (Company specialized in PCB Troubleshooting and Fault Diagnosis Systems) in Egyptian market for more than twelve years, and JBC Tools (Company manufactures IC & SMD Solder/Desolder Stations and Rework System), therefore, we have wide experience in repairing electronic Cards.

 We add to these international reputable manufacturers, Infinity service touch with its highly regarded experience by which we expertise both maintenance service international standards and Egyptian customers' requirements.

 You could not in your wildest dreams imagine reaching high advanced technology by so many international manufacturers with Egyptian hand being responsible for your machine performance, the performance of your whole utility, and accordingly your success and peace of mind.

 The major interest in any service carried out by Infinity that customers are the main issue who should be observed, monitored to make him copied with global trend for technology.


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