Non-Contact Sheet Resistance Tester

Non-Contact Sheet Resistance Tester EddyCus® TF lab 2020 series.. Product #: TF lab 2020 based on 0 Reviews 2 - 3 Days

Non-Contact Sheet Resistance Tester

Product Code: TF lab 2020
Call for Price: +202 333 84 831

Contact-free & real-time
Accurate single-point measurement of sheet
resistance for conductive thin films (Ohm/sq)
Layer thickness measurement of metal films (nm)
Layer and substrate thickness monitoring (µm)
Characterization of multilayer systems on request
Manual mapping of sheet resistance guided by
an easy-to-handle software

> Architectural glass (LowE)
> Touch screens & flat monitors
> OLED & LED applications
> Smart-glass applications
> Transparent antistatic foils
> Photovoltaics
> Semiconductors
> De-icing & heating applications
> Batteries & fuel cells
> Packaging


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