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Practical AFM

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AFM holds strong positions in scientific research as is used as a routine analytical tool for
physical properties characterization with high spatial resolution down to atomic level. Solver
Nano is the best choice for scientists who are need a single instrument that is an
affordable, robust, user-friendly and professional tool.
Scientific research
Solver Nano - AFM for science.
Solver Nano is designed by the NT-MDT team that also created High Performance Systems like
Ntegra, NEXT and Spectra which have been proven in the scientific community through many
key publications.
Solver Nano is equipped with a professional 100 micron CL (closed loop XYZ) piezotube scanner
with low noise capacitance sensors. Capacitance sensors in comparison with strain gauge and
optical sensors have lower noise and higher speed in the feedback signal. The CL scanner is
controlled by a professional workstation and software.

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