VIY 3 Series Ground Penetrating Radars

VIY 3 Series Ground Penetrating Radars Transient Technologies LLC is a leading Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of Ground Penetrating .. Product #: VIY ®3 based on 0 Reviews 2 - 3 Days

VIY 3 Series Ground Penetrating Radars

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Transient Technologies LLC is a leading Ukrainian developer and
manufacturer of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment.
Company’s engineers have been leading the research and
development in the fild of ultra-wide band (UWB) technologies
since 1998.
Transient Technologies’ progressive manufacturing and the vast
technical experience of our staff both ensure the best solutions for
searching for underground items and nondestructive subsurface
inspection considering all the most exacting demands of our
Our representatives from 16 countries provide distribution and
ensure full technical support of GPR products of Transient
Technologies LLC.
Innovative technologies being used in design of our GPR equipment
and its reliability allowed our products to become the one of
the most recognizable brands between worlds’ leading GPR
manufacturers and to create as outstanding ground penetrating
radars as VIY®3 series


Main advantages

VIY®3 series Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) are devices for
nondestructive investigation. They allow to reduce substantially costs
and time for geological examination before digging or building activity.
In many cases, including cavities detection or plastic pipelines location,
other methods or instruments cannot be as effective.
Monoblock antennas in durable fierglass housing
All antenna units are bistatic and shielded
Telbin – novel signal processing technology signifiantly
increases signal/noise ratio along with high sounding speed
Separate Control Unit is not required. Antenna unit is directly
connected to any Windows computer by single USB cable
WiFi connection with antenna unit is provided without any extra
All collected data are processed in computer. Errors can be
corrected at any moment, original data are kept unchangeable
Universal foldable handcart is compatible with VIY3-300,
VIY3-500 and VIY3-700 GPR
Antenna units are equipped with built-in inclinometers. This
allows the user to perform topographic correction with one click
External GPS receiver can be directly connected to antenna unit
Our software is free of charge!


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