Ground Penetrating Radar - TRANSIENT

Ground Penetrating Radar - TRANSIENT

Ground Penetrating Radar - TRANSIENT

Company History

  • Early 90s - A group of engineers started a research in the sphere of nanosecond electronic devices and non-stationary electromagnetism.
  • 1997 year - The first published scientific work
  • 2002 year - First prototype of GPR  'VIY1'.

The one of the first significant radar test: a detailed investigation in the Kiev's Sofia's territory (the oldest church complex in Kiev, Ukraine).

  • 2004 year - New design of GPR - 'VIY2'.

This series of GPR took part in archaeological subsurface explorations (Kiev-Pechersk Lavra territory, caves in Ternopil and Lviv region), speleology (Ukrainian caves Ozerna, Mlynki, Ulashkivska etc.), relief and ice structure exploration in Antarctica etc. 

  • 2010 year - Invention of VO-36 odometer to make a measuring process easier.
  • 2011 year - New design of GPR - 'VIY3'. The GPR receiver got a new 18-bit ADC, that made a dynamic range twice wider.

The third series was equipped with a new powerful and fast microprocessor that allows more than 5 times to increase a measuring speed. All third generation GPRs were made in a new design body from glass-fibre plastic. 

  • The accessory range was increased - hand carts, towing carts for car and the odometer.
  • 2014 year - New series of portable GPR – 'VIY3-500' and 'VIY3-700', very convenient for a shallow depth accurate measuring and for measuring inside small space buildings.
  • Spring 2014 year - wireless connection GPR- laptop was implemented
  • GPR antenna now is a whole GPR device assembled in one body.
  • GPR allows now to work with any Windows supporting computer or laptop.


VIY Trademark Etymology

We constantly improve the GPR software to make it easier for user and more flexible and powerful to solve more difficult issues.

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VIY 3 Series Ground Penetrating Radars

Transient Technologies LLC is a leading Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment.

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