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V250 is designed as a Combination Board Tester capable of testing highly complex and dense PCBs employing various test techniques on a single platform. It can perform Board Level Functional Test through edge connectors of a PCB, and guided probe diagnostics utility to reliably repair Digital/Analog and Mixed Signal PCBs of various complexities for conventional PCBs.

It can perform as In –Circuit Device / Cluster test by configuring Pin Drivers to High Current Pin Driver mode and interface to the UUT either through Clips / Probes or nail bed. It has in-built 10 MHz 14bit Analog Driver / sensors synchronized with digital drivers for covering analog / mixed signal devices. 

Integrated Boundary Scan Test controller (Up to 2 Chains) and software package can be used to test today’s PCBs with high density / high pin count devices. Uses latest technology Boundary Scan hardware with RAM based drivers / sensors in synchronization with Automated Test Equipment (ATE) digital and analog pin drivers. 

Parametric Measurement Units (PMU) enables testing of the DC parametric of device pins on the edge connector for input bias current, Fan out capacity and Tri-state leakage currents to further enhance fault coverage and avoid unwanted field returns. 

The capabilities can be further enhanced with optional IEEE instrumentation or PXI based Instrumentation and control through TestDirector 6 software. Analog Highways and relay matrix modules are used in routing the test pin to external measurement IEEE or PXI Instruments of user choice. The ATE is interfaced to an external Host PC using a 32 bit, 33MHz PCI interface or PCMCIA PCI express.

It is a modular design with upgrade options. The basic system comes with 64 Universal Channels, software programmable for High Pin Current Pin Driver or 50 Ohms source impedance, 8 Flying channels 2 Analog channels and 5 fixed UUT power supplies. It can be easily upgraded to 256 or more Digital Channels, 4 Analog Channels and with Programmable UUT power supplies, IEEE or PXI External Instrumentation, and Integrated Boundary Scan Test.

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  • Maximum Digital test speed on the pin of DUT is up to 25 MHz and 10MHz Analog Testing ( 25MHz Sampling Rate).
  • VHDL & Python TD Based Device Library for 31000+ Models.
  • Four 14 Bit RAM based Analog Channels switchable across all 256 Channels with wider range of source impedance selection.
  • Integrated Boundary Scan Test along with ATE pin electronics for Interconnect and functional Test of Non Boundary Scan devices through virtual test pins.
  • Automatic Guided Probe Back Tracking for Fault Isolation up to node level.
  • User defined Error Log reporting. Failure analysis, statistics and datalog.
  • Fault Simulation for card Edge Test Program and Library Device Programs and optional Fault Dictionary.
  • 256k X 6 RAM behind every Digital pin and 256K X 28 behind every analog pin.
  • Programmable Time base from 40ns to 167ms in steps of 10ns
  • User defined analog stimulus QSM VI with Auto Best Fit Curve Algorithm.
  • Edge Connector Functional Test and Guided Probe Back tracking. Optional Fault coverage report and Fault dictionary.
  • In-Circuit Test capability of Digital / Analog / Mixed Signal devices using Force Drive Pin Electronics.
  • Precision Measurement Units for enhanced fault coverage and reduced field returns.
  • DC Parametric Tests. – Measurement of Input Bias Current, Fan out and Tri-State leakage test.
  • Integrated PXI Instruments for RF and extended tests.
  • External GPIB based Instrument integration.
  • Test access through Clips / Probes, bed of nail fixtures, edge connectors and JATG port.
  • Digital Highway for measurement of Frequency.
  • 4 Analog highways of 30MHz band width for connecting terminals of external Instruments to any of the 160 test pins.
  • Test Program Migration form Different other Platform to Qmax System.
  • Test-Jig adopters for system self-test and auto analog calibration.
  • Four RF connectors direct from fixture to Instruments without switching.
  • Euro Connector Test Interface with optional VPC Mass Interconnect adapter with 16 bit fixture ID with Power / RF connectors and Test Signal pins.
  • Integrated VHDL Simulator as per IEEE standards.
  • Paperless Repair Station.

CircuitTracer (Optional) This optional software package helps the user to trace the intra links between the pins of an IC and also the interlinks between pins of various ICs which can be accessed through appropriate test clips. It automatically generates the Netlists. The Netlist file is then converted to file formats, which are compatible to CAD software packages like ORCAD or EDWIN. This process helps in Reverse Engineering of the PCB i.e. to generate the Schematic Diagram / Circuit Diagram of the Board Under Test.
IDDE is an Optional Software Package which is extremely useful for Device Test Program Generation. IDDE stands for Integrated Device Development Environment using VHDL and PythonTD test languages. Complete with automatic fault simulation nad fault coverage report for every library digital device developed. Also included is GTPG whereuser can directly define the required test input waveforms for the Device Under Test or the entire Board Under Test graphically and if the expected Output waveforms are known to the user the same also can be defined. Otherwise the output from Known Good Board can be learnt and stored as master reference for future comparisons. This mode is extremely useful to test devices / simple boards without any need to write complex test programs.
Optional Library: Russian Libray / Military Part Code Library.
Boundary Scan Software: Includes Chain detection, Chain integrity test, Device ID, User ID, Interconnect test in Interacive and additionally Interconnect test between JTAG pins and Physical test pin / edge connector, Functional test for non boundary scan devices in berween JTAG devices and between JTAG and edge connector devices including Guided probe back tracking in advanved Boundary Scan test software.

  • Complete Repair Station for Third Part Maintenance
  • Whole board Testing through Card Edge for Plug in type modules
  • Inward Goods Inspection for Digital / Analog / Mixed Signal Devices.
  • Production Testing of PCB assemblies / Electronics Modules.
  • PCB Diagnostic & Repair using In-Circuit Functional testing of High Speed Devices / Microprocessors and Controllers.
  • Testing of Board populated with High Pin count Boundary Scan Compatible Devices.
  • In-House maintenance wings of PSUs
  • Electronic manufacturing units for Board recovery and Production line testing.
  • Industries in Automobile, Textiles, Engineering, Steel, Cement sectors for CNC,PLC, electronic PCBs troubleshooting.
  • Hi-tech atomic/space labs and R&D labs for maintenance of sophisticated instrumentation/equipment.
  • Hospitals for in house maintenance of Biomedical equipment.
  • Electricity generating authorities for maintenance of Control and Instrumentation.
  • TPM companies.
  • Central Maintenance Centre of Universities, technical educational institutions ,Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics.

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