QT-PXI-95 QT-95 PXI Is a PXI based Boundary Scan Test controller and I/O channle soffering test solution fo.. QMAX Product #: QT-PXI-95 based on 0 Reviews 2 - 3 Days


Brand: QMAX
Product Code: QT-PXI-95
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QT-95 PXI Is a PXI based Boundary Scan Test controller and I/O channle soffering test solution for latest generation PCBs with high pin count - high density packages such a BGA and others. It uses the IEEE Standard JTAG virtual test pin concept in test access thereby eliminating the need for physical test pins, which is impossible in these latest generation PCBs. The Virtual Test Pin Concept along with edge connector test access eliminates very expensive or impossible bed of nail test fixture and limited channel flying probes. 

It is designed to provide a test solution for both a board with all Boundary Scan compatible devices or a board with a mixture of Boundary Scan Cmpatible devices and Non Boundary Scan devices. Other than the 4/5 wire JTAG intercae, the system provides Digital and optional Analog I/O Channels as physical test pins that be connected to the edge connector or thrugh a simple low cost test clips / fixtures.

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BS Controlled synchronous Digital I/O channels with FIFO memeory for fast speeed of test. Basic System controller with 64 channel digital I/O. Expandable Digital I/O Channels of 128 channel cards. Individually configurable Bi-Directional I/O channels. Programmable voltage levels for Digital I/O supporting 1.5V, 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V and user programmable. Fits in any 3U standrad PXI chassis. Software support in Winows Vista / Windows 7.

  • IEEE stanadrad compliance to 1149.1, 1149.6 and 1532.
  • Automated Board test that has BS devices.
  • Diagnosing faults down to componnet level using Boundaru Scan Virtual Test pin concept and a guided probe back tracking.
  • Functional test of Flash / RAM / EPROM using virtual test pins.
  • Functional test of Non BS devices using virtual test pins f JTAG devices and other physical test pins / edge connectors.
  • PCB Repair shops
  • Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) companies.
  • R&D Labs
  • Lab Isntrument in Educational Institutions in teaching Boundary Scan Concepts.

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