QT-200 Mixed Signal Functional Test System

QT-200 Mixed Signal Functional Test System QT-200 Mixed Signal Functional Test System is a proven model being used by thousands of users wor.. QMAX Product #: QT-200 based on 0 Reviews 2 - 3 Days

QT-200 Mixed Signal Functional Test System

Brand: QMAX
Product Code: QT-200
Call for Price: +202 333 84 831

QT-200 Mixed Signal Functional Test System is a proven model being used by thousands of users world over for varied Test & Reapplications. QT-200 can effectively test Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal Devices in Out of Circuit and In-Circuit in as wired condition and gives clear PASS-FAIL results. It covers all logic families within +/-12v logic levels including ECL, EIA, 3.3V etc. Hybrids, ASICs and unknown devices can be checked using QSM signature method. Optional IDDE software makes new device test program generation easy with graphical user interface. Edge Functional Test with Guided probe back tracking is supported for up to 96 Test pins. QSM VI channels are available from 48 channels to 256 maximum.
QT200 is a Desk-Top Entry Level In-Circuit Functional Tester for Test & Repair of populated PCBs. It is capable of testing any 5V Logic device functionally in as wired “in-circuit” condition using vast Qmax device library. No matter, what in-circuit configuration of the device under test is, Qmax’s innovative auto compensation technique modifies the test vector to suit the device configuration on the fly. QT200 uses the back-driving or node-forcing technique to functionally test devices in-circuit. The in-built Auto Guarding Guide helps user to isolate those bus devices that could potentially interfere with the Bus Device Under Test. This is also extended to OC / OE devices with wired-OR function.
QT200 also offers QSM VI (Qmax Signature Method - VI) technique to test custom devices on board that cannot be functionally tested due to lack of information on the functionality. QSM VI helps to detect ESD induced failures and also enhances fault coverage using Moving Reference technique.
The Board Learn mode is used to learn the device’s functionality and clip status / link information from a Known Good Board (KGB) and is stored for future reference. A faulty board of identical type can be compared with the learnt board under Board Test.
QT200 provides the facility to create a visual board layout on the screen.
QT200 can be interfaced to any PC with Windows-XP (or higher version) Operating System using USB 2.0.

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  • Functional Test Library (Digital / Analog / Mixed Signal) of >33K devices modelled using IEEE standard VHDL Language and PythonTD.
  • Optional Russian Library & Military Part code Library.
  • Power on True Digital and Analog Functional Test for both In-Circuit and Out of Circuit Tests.
  • Test logic families: TTL / CMOS / ECL / EIA / 3.3V and more.
  • Unknown or house coded device identification including LSI devices.
  • Automatic internal pull-up/down for open collector and ECL devices.
  • Functional testing without need for learning from known good board or circuit diagram using Digital Simulators and evaluation engine.
  • On-Line Simulation makes accurate testing of sequential devices possible even when their Reset pins are disabled in In-Circuit conditions.
  • Loop test to isolate intermittently failing devices.
  • QSM VI Signature method for testing ASICs / Hybrids & Discretes.
  • Board Learn / Compare mode increases board recovery rate.
  • Versatile Device Pin Status Display with voltage / dynamic impedance / label display.
  • Device Data sheet Display on demand for the device under test.
  • Design Rule Checker for detection of illegal links, opens / shorts on device in both In-Circuit Functional Test and in QSM VI test for known devices.
  • Automatic Guarding Guide for Bus Based Devices and O/C O/E devices.
  • EPROM Data Learn and Compare Function.
  • DEF 0053/1 compliance for the safe operating limits on back driving.
  • Built-in Resistance, Capacitance and Voltage measurement capability.
  • Powerful logic waveform display window for failure confirmation.
  • Circuit Tracer for schematic generation / reverse engineering applications (Optional).
  • IDDE software for easy Device Test Program Generation (Optional) with Fault coverage report.
  • CircuitTracer (Optional)
    This optional software package helps the user to trace the intra links between the pins of an IC and also the interlinks between pins of various ICs which can be accessed through appropriate test clips. It automatically generates the Netlists. The Netlist file is then converted to file formats, which are compatible to CAD software packages like ORCAD or EDWIN. This process helps in Reverse Engineering of the PCB i.e. to generate the Schematic Diagram / Circuit Diagram of the Board Under Test.
    IDDE is an Optional Software Package which is extremely useful for Device Test Program Generation. IDDE stands for Integrated Device Development Environment using VHDL and PythonTD test languages. Complete with automatic fault simulation nad fault coverage report for every library digital device developed. Also included is GTPG whereuser can directly define the required test input waveforms for the Device Under Test or the entire Board Under Test graphically and if the expected Output waveforms are known to the user the same also can be defined. Otherwise the output from Known Good Board can be learnt and stored as master reference for future comparisons. This mode is extremely useful to test devices / simple boards without any need to write complex test programs.
    Russian Libray / Military Part Code Library.
  • Go / No Go Functional Test using edge connectors / bed of nails / clips and probes.
  • Small to medium volume production test of devices / Hybrids and PCBs.
  • Very general purpose PCB test abd diagnostic system with extended features that include all logic families (including ECL), Analog and Mixed signal devices useful for In-House Maintanance and Third party repair of PCBs.
  • Board Recovery in high volume production units.
  • Hard Disk Magnetic Pre-amp Flex cable assaembly tester.
  • Custom Test applications such as relay test / hybrid test and device tests.
  • In-Coming Quality control applications for devices and assemblies
  • In house maintanance of Electronic controls, PLCs, CNC in industrial automation.
  • In House Maintanance of Bio- Medical Equipment such as MRI, CT scanners.
  • In House Maintanance of Defense Electronics such as Radar systems, Military commuication systems etc.
  • Third Party Maintanace Houses.
  • R & D Labs.
  • Hard Disk manufacturers for testing their Magnetic Head Pre-amp Flex circuits.
  • Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers for board recovery.

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