Linear & Mixed Signal Testers - QST4416-FC

QST4416-FC The Qmax Model QST4416-FC is a compact small foot print, sophisticated automatic semiconductor te.. QMAX Product #: QST4416-FC based on 0 Reviews 2 - 3 Days

Linear & Mixed Signal Testers - QST4416-FC

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Product Code: QST4416-FC
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The Qmax Model QST4416-FC is a compact small foot print, sophisticated automatic semiconductor tester. Its state-of-the-art hardware design which is freely configurable to user's application requirements and software features like multi site arallel testing , rich debug and innovative analysis tools makes it ideal for engineering verification and high throughput production testing of cost conscious linear /Mixed signal IC market. 

When configured in manual mode, the Model QST4416-FC is a cost effective solution for quality control, characterization, R & D and similar applications. QST4416-FC seamlessly connects to all popular handler and probers and supports a max of 8 sites parallel testing.
All in all QST4416-FC model provides a leading edge in the time to market race and highest value of ownership with its full range of testing capabilities.

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  • QST4416-FC can be configured as an Analog, Digital or Mixed signal tester as its instrumentations are freely configurable based on the customer requirements , thus keeping cost low and avoiding user hardware redundancy.
  • Upgrading or Expansion of multi site requires only additional resources and change in DIB. Programs will be automatically generated for “N” sites.
  • Single click site shut down feature available in case of any hardware failures at a particular site during multi site testing.
  • Creation and editing of test program does not require any programming language skills, as it’s completely GUI based and the prompts provided ensures correctness and completeness of each test program.
  • Exhaustive debug, diagnose, and failure analysis tools enable quick troubleshooting and a ideal system from engineering evaluation and characterization.
  • A whole series of Remote operations like Program distribution from server to host, data collection from host to server for various statistical analysis, remote debugging and programming from host pc are available.
  • Authenticated multi access levels for test program and revision control.

The QST4416-FC Model can be freely configured for testing different products based on user application by selecting the appropriate instrument modules from the following list.

Analog Instrumentation

  • OLPPMU 8 Channel Independent Programmable Low power PMU ( +/- 30V/100mA ) designed to force and make accurate measurement of voltage and current in all 4 quadrant mode with 16 bit resolution and with programmable voltage/current clamps.
  • QMPPMU 4 Channel Independent Programmable Medium Power PMU ( +/-50V/500mA ) designed to force and make accurate measurements of voltage/current in all 4 Quadrant modes with 16 bit resolution and with programmable voltage /current clamps and built in offsettable AWG.
  • QDPPS 4 Channel Independent Programmable Device Pin PS ( +/-50V/500mA ) designed to source /sink accurate voltage to the DUT.
  • HyPMU Dual channel High power and Dual channel Medium Power PMU ( +/-50V/500mA ) designed to force and make accurate measurements of voltage/current in all 4 Quadrant modes with 16 bit resolution and with programmable DC or pulse mode operation.

Digital Instrumentation

  • DIOPTMU Meduim power ( 22Vp-p/150mA ) 16 Channel Digital i/o with 50Mhz pattern rate , 1MB drive, capture memories, Per Pin PMU, Active loads, resistive loads and intergrated TMU.
  • TMU Time measure unit for measuring high resolution time and frequency parameters with 2 range of attenuation. DIG64 Low Voltage( -2Vto 7V) 64 Channel Digital i/o with 50Mhz Pattern rate, 1MB drive, capture memories with 512 fail locations, muxed 8 PMU per module.

Application Specific Device Interface Boards

  • Opamp Loop Boards for testing of General purpose Opamps, Instrumentation Amplifiers , Precision Opamps ADC/DAC servo loop boards for testing of ADC/DAC.
  • Regulator Family boards for testing of various Linear/ Variable Voltage regulators , LDO.
  • Comparator Family Board for testing of General Purpose and High speed Comparators.
  • Provide cost optimized Test solution for Low pin count Analog , Digital and Mixed signal ICs


    • PFC , Linear Regulators( Vreg, LDO) , Switching DC-DC Regulators ( Buck,Boost,Inverting), Battery Charger, Voltage Supervisor, Voltage Reference, LED Driver, PWM and more……….


    • Opamps, Inamps, Audio amplifiers, Discrete Small Signal IC ( PMOS, NMOS, BJT, MOSFET), Analog Switches, Comparators and more.


    • Optocouplers , Optical Transmitters, Optical receivers, Photo diodes, Photo transistors , Photo sensors, Photo detectors and more


    • Standard Logic gates, Buffers, Drivers, Transceivers, Flip-flops, Latches, Registers,ALU, Counters, Multiplexers and more……

    Mixed signal

    • ADC , DAC and more




In a competitive world where every one looks for a faster, cheaper and better test solutions, is it , to reduce cost of testing, accelerate your time to market for your new products, develop innovative test methodologies, do more with the existing resources, test platform conversion, Qmax application teams have the experts and experience to help you develop new test solutions and achieve your business objectives.

We offer a spectrum of application services to our customers

  • Manufacturing and Production line testing of Semiconductor ICs
  • IC Test Houses and Quality Control Dept
  • R& D labs for product characterization and evaluation
  • Engineering Colleges/ Universities/Technical Education Institutes.
  • Configure test module that best fits your business model.
  • Design of Application specific instrumentations.
  • Design of Application Load boards and DUT boards
  • Develop Test programs & Optimization for high throughput

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