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The Qmax Model QST286 is a compact small foot print, Desktop Automatic Semicon Parametric Tester. Its state-of-the-art hardware design with user configurable hardware instrumentation and fully GUI based software features make it ideal for Cost Sensitive high throughput production testing of a wide range of low pin count medium power SSI-MSI ICs like the General purpose optocouplers, Isolators, LED, Analog Mux & Relays and more. 

The system software (Swift ) which is fully GUI based is a package of instrument commands, test building blocks, test applications, and utilities that are built using the NI Labview software and run on MS-Windows XP or Ms-Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit OS.

When configured in manual mode, the Model QST286 is a cost effective solution for quality control, characterization, R & D and Technical educational Institutions. QST286 seamlessly connects to all popular handlers with TTL interface and even supports dual site testing as an option. This model provides a leading edge in the time to market race and highest value of ownership with its full range of testing capabilities.

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  • Easy to setup user friendly Desktop version Automated test equipment (ATE).
  • 5 Slot System with 1 Digital Instrumentation slot and 4 Analog Instrumentation Slots
  • Operates on commercially available PC with Win 7 OS and PCIe interface.
  • Modular Structure provides option to improvise and enhance much instrumentation based on the user’s requirements.
  • Creation and editing of test program do not require any programming language skills.
  • Authenticated multi level access control to various parts of the software for Engineers and Operators, Comprehensive Yield monitoring and Reporting software , enabling an ideal production environment.
  • QST286 interface to popular handlers with a Parallel TTL interface with programmable trigger width and can set up to 4 i/p and 8 o/p which can be further expanded to 16 o/p ( BINS)
  • Dedicated EOT signal enables better control over the handler handshaking.
  • Option for third party instrumentation integration like the PXI or GPIB with Software commands integrated inside the Application software Swift.

The QST286 Model is a 5 slot system with the first slot dedicated for digital instrumentation and the other slots freely configurable for Analog Instrumentation or Relay Mux.

Digital Instrumentation

  • DIOPTMU Meduim power ( ±7V/ 64mA ) Quad Digital i/o, 50Mb/s, 64K drive, capture memories, Per Pin PMU, and built-in Time & Frequency Measurement Unit.

Analog Instrumentation

  • LPMU- Dual Channel, Independent Programmable Low power Floating PMU ( +/- 25V/250mA ) designed to force and measure voltage and current in all 4 Quadrant with 16 bit resolution and with programmable voltage/current clamps.
  • Relay Matrix for LPMU with 4 wire measurement
  • H150U- Single Channel, High Voltage PMU ( +/- 150V/ 5mA ) designed to force and measure voltage and current in all 4 quadrant with 16 bit resolution and with programmable voltage/current clamps.
  • Provide optimized Test solution for cost sensitive Low pin count Medium power SSI-MSI ICs like -- General Purpose Optocouplers, Isolators , Photodiodes, Photo transistors, LEDs , Relays , Analog switches/ Multiplexer and more




In a competitive world where everyone looks for a faster, cheaper and better test solutions, is it , to reduce cost of testing, accelerate your time to market for your new products, develop innovative test methodologies, do more with the existing resources, test platform conversion, Qmax application teams have the experts and experience to help you develop new test solutions and achieve your business objectives.

We offer a spectrum of application services to our customers

  • High throughput production line testing ( ~10000 UPH) of Semiconductor ICs
  • IC Test Houses and Quality Control Dept for SSI-MSI ICs
  • SSI-MSI IC Engineering Evaluation labs
  • Engineering Colleges/ Universities/Technical Education Institutes.
  • Configure test module that best fits your business model.
  • Design of Application specific instrumentations.
  • Design of Application Load boards and DUT boards
  • Develop Test programs & Optimization for high throughput

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