PCB Repairs - QNimits

PCB Repairs - QNimits Overview Today's PCBs are so complex in nature and with more of proprietary devices. In most case.. QMAX Product #: QNimits based on 0 Reviews 2 - 3 Days

PCB Repairs - QNimits

Brand: QMAX
Product Code: QNimits
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Overview Today's PCBs are so complex in nature and with more of proprietary devices. In most cases the schematics and internal functional details are un available for third party maintenance personnel. Thus diagnosing faults in such PCBs are difficult task using conventional test instruments such as multi-meter or oscilloscope that are normally found in repair shops. 
Today’s Semi-con devices are more reliable than it was a decade ago but still reliability is not 100%. When they fail, most likely the faults occur on the periphery of devices i.e. I/O pins as theyare more susceptible to damage by external forces such as lightning, short circuit, over load etc, these can be easily tracked by VI – Curve, the nodal impedance test.
QNImits is an innovative hand held test instrument which uses the industry’s proven V-I Trace technique of learn and compare of Nodal impedances. Using this technique the technician only requires a known good board for comparison with a faulty one without having the need of schematics and functional details of such PCBs. The known good board’s VI traces can be learnt and stored for future reference as well.
QNImits uses probe – reference (usually Ground) to either on-line (side by side) comparison of each node or alternatively uses external MUX switch and clips / adopters for multi-pin learn and compare.
QNimits, displays the test results as VI trace which shows the current against applied voltage in most commonly used graphical view. These trace formats help the user to easily understand the nodal behavior and interpret the results for quick diagnostics.

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  • Unique Trouble-shooting Tool.
  • Nodal Impedance Test.
  • Save & Compare Facility.
  • Data Transfer to PC through USB Port.
  • In-built Color LCD TFT Screen.
  • Truly Portable Battery operated Unit.

Trouble shoot Electronic PCBs with no data / schematics. Check nodal impedances of electric circuits. Check for fake components. Use in incoming QC for electronic components. BGA Solder check.

  • In-house or Third Party Service Centers.
  • Recovery of Failed Boards in Manufacturing Process
  • Electronic Manufacturing Service Companies.
  • Electronic Design and Proto type test centers

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