RH2002 Time Server

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RH2002 Time Server

RH2002 Time Server
The RH2002 time server is a modular equipment
(19-inch , 3u), synchronized by France-Inter or
GPS, powered by 90- 260 VAC or 28-140 VDC
and can accommodate up to 5 synchronization signal broadcast units to PLCs,metering
and power quality systems, fault recorders,

RH2002 Advance Time Server
The RH2002 Advance time server is a nonmodular equipment dedicated to distributed control system applications synchronized by GPS,
powered by 48 or 127 VDC

AC or DC Auxiliary power supply;
GPS or France-Inter synchronization;

Options :
RS232 Module, 4 RS232 outputs EH90 Protocol ;
IRIG-B Module, 2 or 4 IRIG-B outputs;
TOPSPROG Module, 4 dry contacts outputs (1min, 10 min,
1 hour, 24h) ;
TOP10MS Module, 4 optocoupler outputs 10ms/24 ;
COM03 Module, 1 serial output for operator’s emulation
NTP Module.

Main Features:
19-inch Rack, 2u ;
GPS external signal reception ;
48 or 127VDC Auxiliary power supply;
8 RS232 outputs EH90 Protocol;
1 IRIG-B output.


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