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WinSAM is the software platform for ZERA's meter test systems. WinSAM consists of seven individual programs, each of them having its particular function. Together, they form a package that covers the whole scope of functions needed for controlling meter test systems.

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WinSAMs Philosophy - Individual Test Procedures

Each meter is individual and so should be the test procedure. For the amount of meters available on the market is continually increasing. And only tests which are designed close to the meter specifications assure test results with a maximum reliabiltiy. With WinSAM you design test procedures that are tailored to the particular meter.

WinSAMs Structure Specialised Programs

Splitting up WinSAM into several programs has a decisive advantage: Each program contains exactly those functions that are needed for a certain task.

Program "Configuration"

  • Customizes WinSAM to the individual system environment. You specify for example details of the meter test system, paths, user access rights and so on.



Program "Type definition"

  • Definition and managing of the meter types with their specific data as nominal voltage, basic current, maximum current, meter constant.
  • Meter types can be im- and exported.

Program "SKEditor"

  • Definition and managing of automatic test procedures.
  • Provides a multitude of single test steps that can be grouped to individual test points per drag & drop.
  • Possibility to integrate own scripts into the test procedure.
  • Clearly structured test procedure due to the tree structure.
  • Frequently used combinations of test steps can be saved as a partial step chain.
  • Test procedures can be im- and exported.  

Program "Script debugger"

  • Provides a complete programming environment to the specialist for the creation of user defined test functions.



Program "Control"

  • Executes the automatic test: Controls the test system, receives the measuring values and test results, analyses them and writes them into the data base.
  • Each execution of a test procedure starts with a pre-run to check the plausibility.
  • A log window log window shows all test results already when the test is in progress.  

Program "Manual"

  • Manual control of the entire test system (ad hoc mode).
  • Direct execution of individual functions without the need for integration into a complete test procedure.

Program "Report"

  • Generation and managing of the test reports from the automatic test.
  • Wide range of different types of reports available, e. g. reports for all or specified meter places; a specific sample test report; statistics to visualize the proportions of good and poor ratings.
  • Individual layout of print templates.


  • User interface for controlling Meter Test Systems
  • Configuration of test device and system environment
  • Compilation of individual test sequences and data logs



  • Integrated generator to create defined test sequences e.g. according to  MID/PTB standards
  • Error detection and indication for each meter place and phase via burden measurement
  • Breaker test for testing of meters e.g. Smart Meters in every current phase

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