Infinity Departments

Company Departments

Infinity is a company with excellent growth potential and performance. As a leading provider of excellent technology, we are a top contender in our fast-paced, exciting segment of market and we are still growing. Our mission is to offer the broadest, most efficient and highest performance range of products with the best price/quality ratio and we aim to maximize the full satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is to sustain 100% customer reference ability as we move forward.

Our growing team of employees is proactive, skilled people who share us the responsibility in serving our customers.

1. Marketing Department

Marketing Manager goes in front of energetic team of Marketing Persons in carrying out Infinity marketing philosophy that works on different trends:

·         Creating new communication channel with potential customers

·         Working on achieving effective presence to Infinity at specialized and non-specialized media

·         Marketing and promotion of our products

·         Mail catalogues, company and product literature to customers

·         Internet marketing and telemarketing

2.Sales Department

Sales Manager's responsibilities include, but are not limited to Sales, marketing and promotion of our equipments, and finalizing selling process

He goes in front of energetic team of Sales Engineers with equivalent work experience in sales/Marketing, excellent communication skills, well organized, having an eye for accuracy, detailed and results oriented, willing to gain valuable experience in International business & marketing.

3. System & Design Department

Consists of System & Design Manager and  System & Design Engineers

Infinity Design Engineers are capable of

·         Making the required mathematical calculation for any power quality problem you may have and submitting and designing the solution for it.

·         Making the required mathematical calculation for any Solar and wind system you may need and submitting and designing the solution for it.

4. Technical Support Department

Technical Support Manager and Technical Support Engineers are responsible for:

·         Studying market requirements

·         Finding out new suppliers for the renewable leads

·         Recommending the exact suitable product for customers according to the technology he uses, constitution surroundings and atmospheric elements, forthcoming requirements, customers' manpower capability and qualifications

·         Studying products to provide full image on the products we promote and customers we serve

·         Consultation on packing, shipping, delivering (sales service)

·         Supervision and following up over installation/after installation service

5. Installation and Commissioning  Department

Highly qualified engineers responsible for complete installation, commissioning and start up of your system. Train your stuff on how to use the new systems. 

  5. Maintenance Department

Infinity dedicates outmost care to customer service. It provides its users with the most qualified support. Our clients enjoy complete investment return due to our thorough preventive maintenance programs.

We have Maintenance Manager and Professional Maintenance Engineers with wide experience and have been trained at the hands of our international manufacturers at their sites.

The maintenance department is responsible for installation of the equipment, training the customer on it, after sales services during warranty period and after warranty period.        

6.Financial Department

Financial Manager and Accountants are responsible for the following:

·        handling the budget of our company

·        providing each department with most suitable requirements enabling it to carry out his job as it should be,

·        financial consultation for company strategic steps in regard to outcome and income

·        preparing the yearly turnover.

7. Administration & HR Department

Administration & HR Manager and Administration & HR Employees are responsible for:

·        set up company general policies that should be followed by different departments

·        studying forthcoming expansion according to market need and company ambitions

·        preparing feasibility study for new projects

·        evaluation the general performance on the level of departments and employees

·        recognizing company regenerated requirements of new human resources according to company expansion, renew policy, and required and available qualifications.

8. Warehouse  Department

Warehouse  Manager and Employees.